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Michael Azlen, Founder and Chief Executive at Frontier

Frontier’s FrontEdge Global Hedge adds EUR and Swiss Franc share classes

Frontier Investment Management (Frontier) has launched Euro and Swiss Franc share classes for its FrontEdge Global Hedge Fund in response to growing demand from Swiss and European family offices and institutions. The two new additions mean the fund now offers Sterling, US Dollar, Euro and Swiss Franc share classes.

FrontEdge Global Hedge Fund combines investments across over 50 single hedge fund managers, segmented across strategy, size and geographical focus with a significant allocation to a proprietary blend of synthetic replication strategies. The Fund, provides investors with an efficient means to access the returns of the global hedge fund industry while mitigating the risks: in particular, single manager risk is minimised by holding only a small amount with any one manager, while synthetic replication strategies reduce cost and increase liquidity.

Michael Azlen (pictured), Founder and Chief Executive at Frontier, says: “Many investors recognise the benefits of including hedge funds in a diversified portfolio, with their ability to lower volatility and increase risk-adjusted returns. FrontEdge Global Hedge Fund aims to further reduce investment risks by allowing investors to access the industry in a low-cost, liquid and diversified manner. With currency volatility a real concern for many people, the addition of the new share classes makes this attractive proposition more accessible and cost effective to a wider number of investors.”

FrontEdge Global Hedge Fund was launched as an enhanced method of accessing the hedge fund allocation within Frontier’s multi-asset funds and made available to external investors in April 2009. The FrontEdge range also includes the FrontEdge Managed Futures Fund. Both funds provide twice monthly liquidity to investors with five days’ notice.

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