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FTSE 100

Morgan Stanley structured product returns 22.5 per cent after two years

The Morgan Stanley FTSE Bonus Growth Plan 2 kicked out this week, delivering 22.5 per cent growth as well as returning investors’ initial capital in full. 

The plan was issued on 15 September 2010 with an initial FTSE 100 level of 5,555.60, and was designed to return 11.25 per cent pa on the first anniversary where the index was at the same level or higher than this. 

On the first anniversary, the FTSE 100 had fallen to 5,337.50, so the plan did not kick out and continued until its second observation on 17 September this year. 

On the second observation date, the FTSE closed at 5,893.52, just six per cent higher than the initial level, triggering the kickout. 

Nev Godley, vice president, Morgan Stanley, says: “The kick out of our Bonus Growth Plan 2 this week is testimony to the return potential of structured products in these uncertain times. We are delighted that our product has generated a return of 22.5 per cent for investors in two years, especially given the turbulent markets and the fact that the underlying index itself grew by just six per cent over the same period.”

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