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Schroders launches Wealth Preservation fund

Schroders has launched Schroder ISF Wealth Preservation USD, a fund which will offer investors a simple-to-understand, flexible investment vehicle which aims to preserve and grow savings under all economic conditions.

The fund, which launched on 30 January and is managed by fund manager Malcolm Melville, is aimed at retail and high net worth individual investors and benefits from scope to invest in a broad investment universe and wide range of asset classes.

This flexibility in choice of assets creates an “all-weather” portfolio which will focus on providing a return that comfortably beats inflation in a medium to long-term investment horizon with limited volatility.

Melville joined Schroders in 2010 and works within the EMD, currency and commodity group. The fund uses the investment process used across the products managed by this team, which combines fundamental market analysis with quantitative, technical and sentiment analysis to identify undervalued and wealth-preserving assets.

Peter Beckett, head of international marketing, says: “We believe that we are currently moving towards a global inflationary environment and, as a result, expect to see considerable client demand for products that can preserve wealth and provide a real return that can protect them against inflation, while limiting the downside in less favourable market environments. Schroder ISF Wealth Preservation USD deliberately does not fit cleanly into a single category, spanning the absolute/total return and real return categories, and is intended to be an ‘all-weather’ portfolio which we believe will be an attractive alternative to other products in these areas. The fund is simple in its construction and does not use shorts, leverage or complex derivatives, instead focusing on in depth country and commodity research to identify attractive investments from a wide asset class range.”
Melville says: “We are currently seeing a wealth of opportunities across the investment universe, which the flexible nature of Schroder ISF Wealth Preservation USD allows us to benefit from. The freedom and flexibility of this approach allows us to make high conviction investments in the best opportunities from around the world and position the portfolio according to the current market environment. By utilising a proven, disciplined investment process, combined with a strong research team across a wide range of asset classes, we expect to be able to offer consistent returns that comfortably beat inflation.”

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