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Emerging market

Amundi launches its first emerging balanced sub-fund

Amundi has launched its first emerging balanced sub-fund – the Amundi Funds Multi Asset Emerging Markets.

This sub-fund of the Luxembourg SICAV Amundi Funds is UCITS IV-compliant.
Invested mainly in direct securities, it offers investors a global investment solution, enabling them to benefit from the growth potential of emerging economies.
The sub-fund aims to outperform its reference indicator (60 per cent MSCI Emerging markets and 40 per cent JPM EMBI Global Diversified) over a minimum investment horizon of five years while striving to maintain volatility lower than that of the index.
With a higher growth rate than developing countries, emerging markets are driving global growth and offer attractive investment opportunities4, both for equities and bonds. Although this trend looks set to continue in the years ahead, these markets are still under-represented compared to their weight in the global economy.
Marie-Aude Laurent, the fund manager of Amundi Funds Multi Asset Emerging Markets, says: “Local debt markets in emerging countries have recently started to expand so as to meet growing needs for financing. The market share of emerging equities, which are hardly represented in global indices, will grow as these economies become more sophisticated.”
The fund manager of Amundi Funds Multi Asset Emerging Markets applies a flexible and active management strategy in order to make the most of the momentum in the equity and bond markets as well as of the low correlation between these two asset classes. The investment process is in three steps:
-       Definition of the macroeconomic scenario
-       Financial markets analysis
-       Bond/equity allocation taking into account bottom-up factors for equities and momentum for bonds
The proportion of the equity and bond pockets in the portfolio varies significantly, ranging from 20 per cent to 80 per cent, thus providing great flexibility. These levels make it possible to benefit from market upturns while limiting the impact of downward trends.

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