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Hedgez launches portal to match accredited investors with hedge funds

Hedgez has launched a portal that takes a data driven approach to introducing high quality investors to appropriate hedge funds and other investments.

Hedgez targets, identifies and attracts accredited investors employing a series of media profiling techniques and an algorithmic scoring model to deliver qualified investing prospects to the participating hedge funds.
Profile information provided by the investors are matched to a continuously updated, highly detailed database of 6,000+ hedge funds. Investors can answer a series of anonymous profiling questions to have the Hedgez search engine identify the funds that fit their profile. Alternatively, prospective investors can manage their own hedge fund search by selecting the attributes that apply to them.
Detailed fund profiles are presented to the prospective investors. Ultimately the prospect can contact the fund directly or leave their contact information for participating funds to reach them with more details. The data is delivered to the funds in real time.
The site is rich with content on investment products and strategies, which Hedgez provides free of charge to investors.
Hedgez founder and chief executive Jeffrey Schwartz, a career digital marketing executive and a hedge fund investor for over 20 years, says: “Surprisingly, there are many accredited investors out there who know very little about hedge fund investing, many never have thought it was something that had a place in their portfolio or might not even know they’re qualified to invest in a hedge fund. Many of the 10,000+ active hedge funds are looking to increase their AUM, have fantastic track records but don’t have any idea how to find investors. One reason is that until a couple of weeks ago they weren’t allowed to advertise.”
Effective 23 September 2013 the SEC enacted Title II of the 2012 JOBS Act which for the first time allowed hedge funds and other private placements to do general advertising to attract new investors.
Hedgez was developed by Digital Direct Advertising, a company specialising in building proprietary digital marketing platforms for businesses.

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