BPV Capital Management to lower advisor class fees

BPV Capital Management has decreased fees from 1.65 per cent to 1.25 per cent on the Advisor Shares classes of the BPV Wealth Preservation Fund (BPAPX) and the BPV Core Diversification Fund (BPADX).

This reduction in fees, which has been occurring in the industry over the past year, responds to the needs of advisors and their clients.
"We decided to make this change because we sincerely believe in serving the best interest of our advisors and their clients," says Mike West, senior partner and chief executive of BPV. "Our new fee structure is the appropriate action for us to take, both as a company and as investors ourselves."
BPV says the move furthers its commitment to providing alternative fixed income solutions to benefit all investors through the creation of appropriate asset allocation strategies.

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