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Alceda partners with ECPI Group to launch global mega trends fund

Alceda Fund Management has partnered with ECPI Group to launch the ECPI Mega Trend Funds-ECPI Sustainable Global Mega Trends fund.

The fund has been registered for institutional and retail investors in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg and for institutional investors in Italy.
ECPI, which provides megatrend indexing solutions, believes that by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis into investment decision-making offers opportunities for long term value creation for both investors and society. In addition, a disciplined ESG analysis process can also be used as negative filter in order to detect potential problems at an early stage and reduce the risk of a permanent loss within a portfolio.
Climate change, emerging markets, scarcity of resources and population dynamics are key areas of focus in the ESG analysis process.
ECPI and Alceda are collaborating with international investment firms in providing customised and tradeable funds based on the megatrend philosophy and each investment company’s approach. The addition of ECPI related funds will provide further portfolio diversification for the Alceda UCITS Platform in the domain of sustainable investments but also in specialized investment strategies.
ECPI and Northern Trust announced a collaboration with Alceda earlier this year to create a tradable custom benchmark using the megatrend investment strategy.
Paolo Sardi, managing director of ECPI, Luxembourg, says: “The fund registrations follow the increasing recognition of the ECPI Global Megatrend fund as a reference for smart beta megatrend investing. We are proud to cooperate with Alceda and Northern Trust being committed to efficiency, quality and client assistance.”
Manuela Fröhlich, managing director and head of global fund sales of Alceda says: “We are pleased to be collaborating with ECPI in launching funds that match the risk and return characteristics of the well- established ECPI Global Megatrend Index while minimising transaction costs and active risk. We also believe this to be an opportunity for us to develop other international partnerships in the future based on the megatrend philosophy.”

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