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Westcore launches small-cap growth fund

Westcore Funds has launched the Westcore Small-Cap Growth Fund, which invests in small companies that the investment team believes have significant growth potential.

The companies in which the fund will invest typically will be similar in size to those included in its benchmark index, the Russell 2000 Growth Index.
The small-cap universe of stocks offers a sizeable and diverse collection of companies that are often under-researched. Additionally, small companies frequently have the potential to grow more quickly than larger companies. This creates opportunities for the fund to find and invest in growth companies before other investors have discovered them.
“We believe inefficiencies exist within the small-cap market that can be exploited through our rigorous fundamental research. Our passion is identifying the next great growth companies and we are excited to offer this fund to capitalise on our disciplined approach to the small-cap growth universe,” says Mitch Begun, lead portfolio manager of Westcore Small-Cap Growth Fund and director of small- and mid-cap growth research at Denver Investments.
Like all of the no-load Westcore Funds managed by Denver Investments, the new Westcore Small-Cap Growth Fund will carry a low investment minimum, as well as a competitive net expense ratio of 1.30 per cent.
Begun and Wiley Reed will be the lead portfolio managers of the fund along with portfolio managers Adam Bliss, Brian Fitzsimons and Jeffrey Loehr. 

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