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Cohen & Steers launches MLP mutual fund

Cohen & Steers has launched the Cohen & Steers MLP & Energy Opportunity Fund, an open-end mutual fund investing in the listed securities of master limited partnerships (MLPs) and other midstream energy companies.

The fund's four share classes have been listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the following symbols: Class A: MLOAX; Class C: MLOCX; Class I: MLOIX; and Class Z: MLOZX.
"We are committed to real assets solutions that can advance our clients toward their investment goals," says Robert Steers, chief executive officer of Cohen & Steers. "Along with our market-leading capabilities in real estate, listed infrastructure and commodities, we believe MLPs are an important component of well-diversified portfolios."
Cohen & Steers has invested client assets in MLPs since 2004 as part of the firm's global infrastructure capability. In 2013, the firm launched Cohen & Steers MLP Income and Energy Opportunity Fund, which raised approximately USD480,000,000 in proceeds during its initial public offering.

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