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CLS Investments expands investment platform

Money manager and exchange-traded fund strategist CLS Investments has expanded its managed investment options to include 10 new portfolio management strategies using strategic and active methodologies.

These strategies round out CLS's investment suite, which also features strategies managed according to the firm's traditional risk budgeting methodology.
CLS's risk budgeted portfolios are managed according to a "risk budget," which enables CLS's portfolio managers to keep the level of risk in the portfolio constant, even as conditions in the markets change.
"Advisors have told us that they are looking for more ways to collaborate with us on building and managing their clients' portfolios, rather than outsourcing the entire portfolio management role," says Todd Clarke, CLS CEO. "Our new investment suite provides all of the components for advisors to use a risk budgeting or strategic approach for the majority or core of the portfolio and then add in an active component as a satellite allocation, or for advisors to use the various components of our active strategies to construct their own portfolio."
CLS's new active strategies use an active allocation approach using only ETFs to target specific market exposures or investment themes. CLS's active portfolios will typically hold eight to 12 ETFs in an effort to obtain diversification, while maintaining focus.
Portfolios built using CLS's strategic methodology are passively managed with a strategic tilt toward high quality stocks and bonds. The underlying investments are less frequently adjusted. This low turnover reduces trading costs and minimises tax consequences, which may help performance over a full market cycle.
"In recent years, CLS has expanded its portfolio management team. We are investing in more resources and capacity, which positions us to be able to offer more flexibility and choice to advisors," says Clarke. "As a result, we are now even more equipped to offer advisors a comprehensive and holistic tool kit to create more customised portfolios for their clients."
CLS manages over USD6bn in assets for over 35,000 investors, and is available on over 250 broker-dealer and custodial platforms.

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