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Fiera Capital expands fixed income offering with High Yield Bond Fund

Fiera Capital has added the Fiera High Yield Bond Fund to its existing suite of fixed income strategies available to institutional and private wealth investors.

"High yield bonds represent an attractive active investment solution in the current environment for investors looking for the potential to generate equity-like returns with less volatility, obtain higher yields, and increase their portfolio diversification," says Sylvain Roy, chief investment officer and executive vice president, alternative strategies at Fiera. "Historically, high yield funds have been particularly resilient during periods of rising interest rates so the time is right to add this complementary strategy to traditional fixed income portfolios.”
Available to accredited investors, the fund will consist of conservative high yield securities framed by strict risk control parameters. Top-down and bottom-up approaches will be combined to pursue attractive risk-adjusted returns through varying market environments. Specifically, the investable universe will consist of securities rated B and higher, and exclude all securities with a credit rating of CCC, consistent with the portfolio management team's conservative approach to credit analysis and securities selection.
The US market will be predominantly represented in the portfolio. This US market exposure will be hedged for currency risk.
The fund will be managed by Christopher Laurie and Derek Brown, both senior portfolio managers at Fiera, and benefiting from a combined 36 years of investment experience.
"Thanks to the rigorous fundamental research and the depth of expertise of our fixed income team, Fiera is well-positioned to offer the potential for higher returns for investors looking to diversify their portfolios while balancing the preservation of capital with yield enhancement. We are pleased to further expand our fixed-income strategies offering as we seek to continually anticipate and meet the needs of our clients," says Roy.

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