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Commerce Value Fund added to Charles Schwab's Mutual Fund OneSource Select List

Commerce Value Fund (CFVLX) has been named to Charles Schwab's Mutual Fund OneSource Select List for the first quarter of 2014.

The Mutual Fund OneSource Select List is a list of no-load and no-transaction fee mutual funds that have passed rigorous screening for performance, risk and expenses by the Charles Schwab Investment Advisory.
"We are excited and honoured to have been added to the Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource Select List. We appreciate the thorough and detailed selection process at Schwab and look forward to the opportunity," says portfolio manager Matt Schmitt.
The Commerce Value Fund investment objective is to seek capital appreciation, and secondarily, current income. Using a predominately quantitative analysis, with some additional fundamental analysis depending on market conditions, the fund invests principally in stock of companies that are selling below fair market value compared to their future potential. The fund seeks a higher return than the Russell 1000 Value Index over time as the stocks it purchases rise in price to more normal valuations.
As of 31 December, the Commerce Value Fund's assets totalled USD168.3m.

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