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S&P Capital IQ introduces new credit analytic solutions for risk monitoring

S&P Capital IQ has released a series of enhancements to its desktop application aimed at financial professionals analysing and monitoring credit exposures. 

These enhancements include the addition of new analytic models and workflow solutions that combine with S&P Capital IQ’s leading fundamental data, research and delivery services.
Users can now measure, monitor and manage credit risk of companies in mature and developing economies with daily updated short-term, medium-term and long-term credit risk metrics.
Modelled credit benchmarks exist for more than 99 per cent of listed companies globally plus hundreds of thousands of private companies in S&P Capital IQ’s database.
In addition, customers can add proprietary data from virtually any other company for credit scoring.
S&P Capital IQ’s Credit Analytic offering addresses the specific challenges faced by corporate credit analysts, insurance underwriters, finance and risk managers when analysing and monitoring credit risk, including the frequent dearth of suitable benchmarks to allow for like-for-like comparison of unrated companies; limited resources to analyse and monitor hundreds, if not thousands, of counterparty exposures in multiple geographies; and difficulty collecting, aggregating and displaying financial data in an easy and meaningful way. 
S&P Capital IQ’s platform enables users to screen companies using credit and other financial metrics; establish a credit perspective on a single entity; perform peer analysis quickly; run a multitude of simulations; stress-test financials and monitor multiple exposures with daily updated early warning alerts.
“There is an acute need for globally comparable metrics for the majority of corporate entities without publicly available credit metrics.  Moreover, many credit and underwriting teams have limited resources to analyse and regularly monitor their exposures,” says David Pagliaro, managing director, S&P Capital IQ.  
Additional enhancements to this release include CreditModel version 2.6, which mimics the long-term, multi-year view of credit risk from rating agencies; PD Model Fundamentals, which provides a medium-term view of credit risk; and PD Model Market Signals, which translates information on stock price volatility into daily changing short-term credit risk indicators for monitoring purposes.  All models are calibrated on recent data and applicable to 247 countries and territories worldwide.
Ongoing enhancements to S&P Capital IQ Credit Analytic Solutions will continue throughout 2014. In the coming months, S&P Capital IQ will make its content and credit risk indicators available via Xpressfeed – the firm’s enterprise data feed services – in addition to its availability on the desktop platform.

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