British pounds

Ingenious Asset Management managing GBP110m on platforms

Ingenious Asset Management (IAM) is now managing over GBP110m on platforms.

IAM launched five platform model portfolios in June 2011. These global, multi-asset portfolios invest across equities, bonds, property and cash, primarily through collective investment schemes including OEICs, unit trusts and ETFs.
In less than three years, IAM model portfolios have been adopted by 22 intermediary firms and are currently available on platforms including Novia, Ascentric, Elevate, Praemium, Nucleus, Transact, FundsNetwork and Seven Investment Management.
Guy Bowles, chief executive officer at Ingenious Asset Management, says: “The demand for platform model portfolios continues to grow in the UK, as financial advisers seek new ways to offer high quality discretionary portfolio management to their clients. Outsourcing to managers such as ourselves has the added benefit of positioning the adviser, correctly, at the centre of the advice process.  We are delighted that our model portfolios are so increasingly prevalent in the industry and we are proud to be a driving force in this major industry innovation.”

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