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Invesco Private Wealth offers fully unbundled Series O

Invesco Canada has made further enhancements to its Invesco Private Wealth programme with the addition of Series O, offering investors preferred pricing, reduced expenses and the ability to negotiate advisor compensation.

Series O is available on the following select funds:
• Trimark Canadian Fund
• Trimark Income Growth Fund
• Trimark Fund
• Trimark Global Balanced Fund
• Trimark Global Endeavour Fund
• Trimark US Companies Fund
Series O provides enhanced transparency by unbundling management and investment advisory fees. These fees are charged directly to an investor's account, potentially making them tax-deductible for non-registered assets.
"This new series is designed for advisors and investors seeking the greatest possible transparency in the cost of their investments," says Jamie Kingston, senior vice president, product development and management, Invesco Canada. "At Invesco, we believe transparency is vital, because an informed investor is an empowered investor."
Series O delivers preferred pricing with additional tiered management fee discounts at CAD500,000, CAD1m and CAD5m in assets. To qualify for Series O, a client must invest in aggregate a minimum of CAD250,000 in Series O units of funds.
Client and family household accounts invested in Series O can be linked to create a "financial/household group" in order to reach the minimum investment qualification.
A financial/household group can include accounts held by the primary client, his or her spouse and any additional family members residing at the same address, as well as corporate accounts invested in Series O for which members of the financial/household group beneficially own more than 50 per cent of the voting equity.

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