DWS Invest Convertibles fund attracts over EUR300m so far in 2014

The DWS Invest Convertibles fund has attracted more than EUR300m in the first two months of this year and now has more than EUR2bn in assets.

The fund invests internationally in convertible bonds.
Forex risks are systematically hedged to ensure that the characteristic profile of a convertible bond will be profitable.
Over the last five years, the fund managed by Christian Hille and his team grew by 58 per cent (as at 31 January 2014).
Convertible bonds account for only a small fraction of the global bond market. They are a type of bond that the holder gives the right to convert into a specified number of shares of common stock in the issuing company in a defined period of time. Their distinctiveness lies in the fact that upward movements in the underlying equities are reflected more strongly than downward movements. 

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