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Halbert Wealth Management launches free estate planning tool

Halbert Wealth Management has launched a free estate planning tool in the form of an electronic booklet entitled “Handing Down Your Legacy”.

This tool makes it easy to keep all financial information in one place, which helps survivors manage assets after the death of a loved one. This reduces the likelihood of assets being lost or going unclaimed.
HWM president and chief executive Gary D Halbert says: “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been contacted by grieving family members who have lost loved ones and have no idea about how the family finances are organised, or even where to go to find important documents. Even individuals with extensive wills and trusts sometimes neglect leaving behind simple instructions, such as a list of all their investments or where important papers are kept. Handing Down Your Legacy was developed specifically to serve as a source of information for loved ones who will face the task of seeing that financial dealings are handled appropriately after a death.”

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