Artisan Partners launches high income fund

Artisan Partners has launched the Artisan High Income Fund.

The fund is managed by Bryan C Krug, portfolio manager, who also leads the Artisan Partners Credit team.
Krug joined the firm in December 2013 to start Artisan’s sixth autonomous investment team. Krug has 14 years of industry experience and seven years of portfolio management experience leading a high-yield investment strategy.
Artisan Partners CEO Eric Colson says: “We are excited for Bryan and his team to begin managing Artisan High Income Fund. It fits well within our business model of offering high value-added investment products with institutional viability. We have designed the fund to allow Bryan and his team the investment freedom to distinguish this product with their fundamental research and disciplined investment process.”
Krug sys: “The High Income Fund is structured in a way that will let us take advantage of what we believe are the best opportunities in the non-investment grade credit market. We believe our repeatable, high conviction investment process will allow us to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over a full credit cycle.”

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