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O'Leary Funds launches O'Leary Global Income Fund

O'Leary Funds Management has launched the O'Leary Global Income Fund, which invests in a portfolio comprised primarily of dividend-paying common equities, publicly-traded corporate bonds, preferred securities and convertible debt securities of mid and large-cap Canadian and global issuers.

The aim is to provide Canadian investors with both income and the potential for capital appreciation.
The fund's versatile mandate allows the portfolio advisor to invest in a focused "best ideas" portfolio of global income opportunities, while actively managing the asset allocation to suit market conditions and interest rate cycles.
"We believe that a ‘best ideas’ portfolio and an actively managed asset allocation strategy that takes into account market cycles are important tools in achieving the fund's investment objectives," says Connor O'Brien, CEO of O'Leary Funds and president of Stanton Asset Management, the portfolio advisor to the O'Leary family of funds.  "In addition, a high conviction approach gives the portfolio advisor the opportunity to invest in a concentrated number of investments."
"We are introducing this O'Leary Fund to meet increased advisor demand for a global product focused on a combination of dividend-paying global equities, short duration corporate bonds as well as floating rate loans," says Stephen Crawford, senior vice-president, national sales.  "In the current environment, the equity portfolio of the Fund is focused on high conviction opportunities in developed markets which are expected to provide strong growth in 2014. The fixed income portfolio is positioned for a period of rising interest rates, with a targeted allocation to floating rate securities, which have a history of generating stable income and diversification, with reduced interest rate risk. By working with their advisor, clients can take advantage of the benefits of diversification from an increased global exposure in their portfolio."
The fund is available for sale in hedged and unhedged Series A and F, as well as in a hedged Series H. Income distributions to O'Leary Global Income Fund unitholders will be made monthly using a target fixed distribution rate.

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