Innealta Capital launches fixed income fund of ETFs

Innealta Capital has launched a new mutual fund, the Innealta Capital Tactical Fixed Income Fund, offering investors exposure to a wide spectrum of fixed income securities.

The fund is driven by a quantitative model which takes economic, fundamental, risk and technical analyses into consideration when evaluating the risk/reward potential of investing in various fixed income sectors, as represented within the ETF investment universe.
"Our new fund seeks to provide investors with a nimble and dynamic strategy to obtain unconstrained access to the full range of fixed income investments, such as US Treasury, investment-grade and high-yield corporate, and foreign developed and emerging market bonds," says Dr Gerald W Buetow, chief investment officer of Innealta Capital and the fund's portfolio manager. "This product attempts to help investors overcome the macroeconomic challenges within the fixed income market and complements our existing funds."
The fund, Innealta's first standalone product offering a pure fixed income investment strategy, invests in ETFs and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) that track fixed income indices. Its investments may include bonds issued by governments, government agencies, municipalities and companies across a wide range of industries and market capitalisations in the US and foreign markets, as well as asset-backed securities. Its quantitative investment framework attempts to control for both risk and yield at the portfolio level.
"Innealta is known for its proprietary research compiled by Dr Buetow, who has been at the forefront of fixed income investing for over two decades," says Scott E Silverman, senior vice president of business development at Innealta Capital. "We believe that his in-depth expertise is reflected in our Tactical Fixed Income Fund, and this may help investors with varying risk preferences to benefit from what we view as the most promising investment opportunities in the global bond markets."
In addition to previous leadership positions with XTF GAM, Portfolio Management Consultants and Atlantic Asset Management, Buetow was the Wheat First Professor of Finance and director of the Quantitative Finance programme at James Madison University.

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