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AlgoTrades launches automated ETF trading system for individual investors

Tue, 08/04/2014 - 16:00

AlgoTrades has launched an automated exchange-traded fund system designed to allow ordinary investors to take advantage of underlying market trends in the way that professional investors do.

The AlgoTrades algorithms seek out and follow major, but often subtle, movements in the market no matter of the market trend. As a result it can create profits from the monthly wave like patterns that form in the market for its users.
The AlgoTrades ETF system requires investors to risk much less capital, and has a subscription fee which is 62.5 per cent lower than similar systems.
The system is a conservative index trading strategy, protective of its clients' investment capital. It aims to eliminate wild swings in portfolios by the use of SPY and SH exchange traded funds which are non-leveraged.
Additionally, because it only makes 30 to 40 trades each year, trading costs are minimal, and the intermediate investment waves in the SP500 index are taken advantage of.
Founder of AlgoTrades Systems, Chris Vermeulen, says: “We have a sophisticated system working on behalf of our investors, which creates profits by using both predictive tools and strict money management strategies in real-time. We are delighted to be offering this cost effective, easy to use, yet highly professional automated ETF trading system. It will appeal to the average investor who requires a common sense and well proven approach to making money in the stock market.”

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