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Tenth birthday balloon

ETF Portfolio Partners marks tenth anniversary

ETF Portfolio Partners, one of the first US investment advisers to focus exclusively on offering managed portfolios comprised entirely of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), is celebrating its tenth year.

Founded in April 2004 by Richard D Romey, ETF Portfolio Partners serves individual and institutional investors by designing, implementing and maintaining a series of globally diversified investment portfolios using ETFs.
“ETFs are the most important financial innovation of the last 100 years and will eventually replace mutual funds as the investment of choice in the portfolios of millions of investors,” says Romey author of Strategic Index Investing - Unlocking the Power of Exchange Traded Funds.
First introduced in 1993, ETFs combine the most attractive features of index mutual funds and common stocks. Portfolios comprised of ETFs have the tax efficiency, low cost and diversification benefits of index mutual funds as well as the liquidity, flexibility, and intra-day trading of common stocks.
"Today, ETFs are widely acknowledged as a superior way to build portfolios by most industry observers, however, when I founded ETF Portfolio Partners the use of exchange-traded funds was limited and still in its early stages," says Romey. "As investors learn the many benefits ETFs offer, their popularity will continue to grow."
Presently, there are over 1,400 ETFs available tracking every segment of the investment markets, with total assets exceeding USD1.7 trillion.
“ETFs have revolutionised and transformed the investment industry. I am convinced that ETFs will continue to play an important role for investors,” says Romey.

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