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ShareOwner Investments launches Canada's first automated ETF portfolio service for retail investors

Canadian ShareOwner Investments has launched a Model Portfolio Service which helps retail investors build and manage a globally diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

ShareOwner's Model Portfolio Service provides investors with a systematic approach to managing their investment portfolio that saves time and money by combining low cost index ETFs with optimal asset allocation and automated trade execution and portfolio rebalancing.
ShareOwner's Model Portfolios can provide investors with significant savings over traditional managed mutual funds and advisor-based solutions.
"Not all investors want to pay the higher fees or have a large enough portfolio to use an expensive financial advisor or broker, but want the benefits of a well-diversified, and continually balanced portfolio," says Bruce Seago, CEO of ShareOwner. "With most managed solutions costing investors more than two per cent per year, a savings of more than one per cent per year can add significant value to an investor's portfolio value over time."
ShareOwner has simplified the portfolio management process for index investing.  ShareOwner's service is highly automated so that all contributions and dividends are automatically invested in the ETFs in the investor's portfolio. Furthermore, as the value of the portfolio's investments change, ShareOwner's system will automatically review and rebalance the portfolio to ensure that each fund remains in balance with its target allocation.
"Our automated rebalancing approach saves investors time and effort as it eliminates the need for tracking your portfolio in a spreadsheet, manually calculating adjustments and executing trades for each ETF in your portfolio," says Seago.
ShareOwner offers investors a choice of five different model portfolios which have been designed for long term investors that are interested in building a low cost, well diversified, portfolio of ETF investments with an appropriate asset mix for their situation, without the need to research and invest in specific stocks. Each portfolio has been carefully constructed with an assortment of best-of-breed index ETFs from multiple fund providers.
As an alternative to ShareOwner's pre-constructed model portfolios, investors also have the option to customise and create their own portfolio with different asset classes, ETFs and target weightings.

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