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Wellian Investment Solutions launches ‘Model Plus’ service

Wellian Investment Solutions has launched ‘Model Plus’, a hybrid of a typical investment model and bespoke solution enabling advisers to support clients who cannot be catered for within a standard model portfolio.

The Kent-based DFM took a decision to launch ‘Model Plus’ in response to a growing demand from advisers for a product with all the benefits of a model portfolio with all the flexibility of bespoke solutions.
Whilst Wellian experts have concluded that around 80 per cent of clients will be suited to model portfolios, they have found that the additional 20 per cent will not always be suited to bespoke options which are typically suited to high net worth or ultra high net worth clients rather than the average investor.
The ‘Model Plus’ service operates in a similar way to a model portfolio but is also able to incorporate a wide range of alternative investment classes including ethical and legacy holdings. A loan facility is also available, allowing investors to raise cash without having to sell stock. Advisers find this option can be especially suitable for clients who have acquired or inherited alternative assets but would otherwise be suited to a typical model portfolio.
Chris Mayo, investment director of Wellian Investment Solutions, says: “The launch of the ‘Model Plus’ is all part of our ongoing mission to present the adviser with the ultimate in quality, flexibility and choice. We find that the majority of clients will be serviced with a standard model portfolio, however our recent conversations with advisers have brought to our attention that there are still a small but growing number of investors requiring more of a hybrid solution.
“As it is our continued aim to cater for every possible requirement, however small, we have spent a lot of time and effort in developing ‘Model Plus’ to bring advisers yet another option for servicing their clients with less than conventional needs so they can extend their offering to a whole new pool of investors.”

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