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Mirabaud Asset Management appoints Basola to head Italian market

Mirabaud Asset Management has hired David Basola as head of business development activities for the Italian market.

Basola will serve the needs both of institutional and wholesale investors in Italy, Malta, Monaco and Ticino (Switzerland), being based initially in the London office of Mirabaud Asset Management Ltd.
Basola began his career as a portfolio manager in Italy with JP Morgan and within the Credit Suisse group before moving to business development functions at GAIM Advisors, a London based alternative asset management division of Integrated Asset Management. Since 2006, Basola has held various business development positions within the Syz Group in Italy promoting long-only and alternative investments to the Italian investor community.
Bertrand Bricheux, head of sales and marketing for Mirabaud Asset Management, says: "We are very pleased to have a specialist of both long-only and alternative investments like David on our team, particularly given the importance of the Italian market. Italy is a key market in Europe for funds and we are convinced that the focused, boutique approach of an investment specialist like Mirabaud Asset Management will fit very well with investors who are in search for quality, integrity and long-term risk adjusted performance.”
Basola says: "The commitment of Mirabaud Asset Management to develop the Italian market in a step by step long-term approach and its positioning as a specialised boutique, backed by an extraordinary history of close to 200 years of passion for investment and an impressive hiring of highly talented and committed fund managers, is the ideal formula to succeed in Italy given the potential of the country and its highly competitive nature. The product offering combining some alternative funds with 40 years of track record and high quality, specialised, long-only expertise made the entire value proposition compelling.”

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