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Green world

Sand Hill Global Advisors launches SRI offering

Wed, 25/06/2014 - 16:04

Wealth management firm Sand Hill Global Advisors has added a broad socially responsible investment (SRI) strategy to its offering.   

Sand Hill's SRI portfolio integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the investment analysis and decision-making process.
Stocks and bonds are evaluated in much the same way they might in traditional investing, but with an additional ESG lens added to the analysis that looks to favour companies meeting the specific SRI criteria.
"Sand Hill's newly launched portfolio consists of ETFs and mutual funds managed by top-tier SRI investment managers," says portfolio manager Katherine Fischer. "We've applied the same rigorous manager due diligence process used for our traditional portfolios to identify those SRI managers who are best equipped to be successful investing in the SRI space - both from an investment and a philosophical perspective."
SRI incorporates a values-driven investment approach into the stocks and mutual funds that are selected for a portfolio. According to Fischer, Sand Hill's offering recognises that different clients have different views and priorities.
"Investment advisors bear a great responsibility to maximise their clients' return on investment for the risk they assume. Within that context, we want to honour the growing interest that specific clients have in using broader criteria than pure performance to measure the composition of their portfolios," she says.

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