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CapitalManhattan partners with TechFinancial to add binary options to tradable services

Thu, 03/07/2014 - 14:15

Brokerage and investment management firm CapitalManhattan has added TechFinancial’s Proprietary FOREX & Binary Options Trading platform to its offering of investment services and wealth creation tools.

By integrating TechFinancial’ Binary Options Platform, Capital Manhattan’s investors can now benefit from the advantages of binary options trading while having the ability to diversify their portfolios via a variety of other trading platforms and risk management strategies.
The partnership allows traders to use CapitalManhttan’s dealing room and its personal concierge broker and financial planning services in order to show traders how to invest USD10,000 or more to maximise their return on investment.
Trading binary options with CapitalManhattan’s dealing room and personal brokers removes the emotional impact of trading and allows its account holders to take advantage of expert-level transactions without having to study stocks, commodities or other complex markets, thereby eliminating the need for extensive training and market research.

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