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Fund administration

Pinnacle selects Ultimus to provide fund admin services

Pinnacle Capital Management Funds Trust has selected Ultimus Fund Solutions to provide fund accounting, fund administration and transfer agent services for the trust’s 1789 Growth and Income Fund.

Pinnacle will look to leverage Ultimus’ industry expertise as it pursues sales and marketing strategies designed to drive the fund’s growth.
“Pinnacle has some innovative opportunities for their 1789 Growth and Income Fund and we’re excited to partner with them to make sure they reach their full potential,” says Bob Dorsey, co-founder and managing director at Ultimus. “They’re looking at some new distribution and partnership strategies and we’re confident our deep experience in the space will help them navigate the process more effectively and efficiently. We look forward to helping them grow the fund and their firm for a long time to come.”
“When we were going through the selection process it was clear that Ultimus has a level of expertise that would be invaluable to us as we look to grow our fund,” says Joseph Masella, CEO of Pinnacle Capital Management. “We’re exploring some unique sales and marketing opportunities and we believe Ultimus will be of great help to us. We really see them as a strategic partner that can help us through this process and beyond.”

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