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Man with laptop launches VIP Trading Account

Capital Manhattan is accepting early registration for its VIP Trading Account, scheduled for inauguration in early autumn 2014.

The trading account is a retail account tailored exclusively for élite VIP clients who demand a higher level of account services and benefits.
Developed by Capital Manhattan’s dealing room senior analysts and brokers, the VIP Account includes personal broker services, one-on-one structuring of a personal risk management and trading plan, and a specially developed Nasdaq trading plan.
Each account holder receives continuing financial and wealth planning, access to charting and technical analysis tools, 24 hour live dealing room support and a host of other tools designed to supplement and enhance the client’s strategies and trading intelligence.
“The marketplace today has so many tools and resources, so much new technology, that it can be confusing to both the new and the experienced investor,” says senior analyst Alan Jones. “Our purpose is to simplify the entire process for our clients, to clarify which tools and products will add value to their trading experience as opposed to adding confusion and complexity. We promote quality trading, not quantity trading. Our goal is to create the perfect trading environment with a disciplined trading plan and risk management strategy so that our traders can focus exclusively on winning trades, as opposed to months and years of education and training for more difficult platforms and intricate trading methodologies.”

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