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Format: 2016-07-24
International Payments

Training : International Payments

Date : Wed, 21/09/2016   for 2 Days

Country : UK

City : London

This practical 2 day course has been tailored for banking professionals who have some experience in domestic payments and want to expand their knowledge of international payments. You will explore the key principles, concepts, practices and current developments in the international payments.   You will have a chance to learn about the principles of foreign exchange and currency, high-value global payments, purpose and role of SWIFT and CLS, global clearing and settlement mechanisms as well as about liquidity management, international trade facilitation, risk management, and legal and regulatory issues.   Who should attend? This course will be of special interest to payment professionals with some experience who wish to expand their knowledge base and advance their careers into the global payments arena. »

MiFID Transaction Reporting

Training : MiFID Transaction Reporting

Date : Wed, 28/09/2016   for 1 Day

Country : UK

City : London

The original MiFID Transaction Reporting provides a platform for European Market participants to gain an appreciation of changes introduced by MiFID II and get ahead of the forthcoming MiFIR Transaction Reporting through developing a reporting model to suit their business.   This one-day course conducted by a City expert provides an overview of the original MiFID transaction reporting, identifies the changes introduced by MiFID II, discuss MiFIR and highlights how MiFID can help pave the way for better MiFIR Transaction Reporting. »

Strategy & Risk Management for Board of Directors

Training : Strategy & Risk Management for Board of Directors

Date : Thu, 29/09/2016   for 2 Days

Country : UK

City : London

This highly practical 2 day course conducted by a senior practitioner, explores the processes and systems associated with delivering high-quality strategy formulation, execution, and risk management to achieve the company’s objectives. Using case studies and drawing on delegates’ own experience, the workshop will examine how academic and management thinking has evolved in these critical areas of a company’s operations.    By attending the course you will be able to develop thinking around the strategy and risk models in current business use, consider the practical implications for your company, and identify improvements, which can be implemented to increase the prospect of business success.  »


Training : AIFMD

Date : Thu, 29/09/2016   for 1 Day

Country : UK

City : London

This highly practical 1 day course conducted by a senior compliance practitioner will explore the AIF industry, the components of an AIF structure, distribution and passport requirements. You will also learn about the registration and authorisation processes for AIFMs and regulatory reporting requirements. Finally, you will have a chance to learn in more detail about the AIFMD legislation and the latest market developments.  »

Mastering Operational Risk

Training : Mastering Operational Risk

Date : Thu, 29/09/2016   for 2 Days

Country : UK

City : London

This highly practical 2 day course will help you explore the best current practice in operational risk management. You will learn how to identify and prevent occurrence of risks in the business context, assess risk appetite within your organisation, set up the most effective risk management framework as well as strategies for risk monitoring and reporting.   You will also learn about the latest key regulatory requirements affecting operational risk management from Basel II/II and MiFID to Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR), which will commence on 7 March 2016. »

FATCA Compliance

Training : FATCA Compliance

Date : Mon, 03/10/2016   for 1 Day

Country : UK

City : London

With US FATCA legislation now published, the major focus is now on Reporting Solutions Considerations that are effective but not commercially onerous or operationally disruptive.    A number of key drivers for success continue to impact the consistency and methods of how new accounts are opened, the Know Your Client (KYC) process, data management, income identification, financial accounts identification, and to a larger extent business processes that support customer identification, classification and disclosure.  What solution is key to the success of FATCA Reporting? Are their economical benefits in the segregation of US activities or re-organizing business functions to achieve compliance easily?   This intermediate level course explores FATCA requirements and guidance as set out by HMRC but is also relevant for participants from abroad.  »

Family Office & Wealth Management

Training : Family Office & Wealth Management

Date : Mon, 03/10/2016   for 2 Days

Country : UK

City : London

This 2 day practical programme for family office representatives and wealth managers explores the best strategies for preserving family wealth and managing a modern family office.   You will have a chance to explore the family governance mechanisms, intergenerational wealth transfer, managing complexities of international wealth mobility and succession planning. You will also learn about the operational setting and asset allocation, cost and risk management, tax advisory and philanthropy.   Run by an expert in family office and services for high net worth clients this course focuses on the latest market trends and effective wealth preservation strategies. »

CRS – Common Reporting Standard

Training : CRS – Common Reporting Standard

Date : Tue, 04/10/2016   for 1 Day

Country : UK

City : London

The Automatic exchange of financial account information is about improving transparency in the fight against tax evasion and in so doing protecting the integrity of the tax systems of the Participating Jurisdictions. Set up by OECD, CRS - Common Reporting Standard is an effort to coordinate globally efforts to increase tax transparency and will have a major impact on reporting requirements of financial institutions.   This highly practical 1 day course provides an overview of AEI reporting requirements but with strong focus on the reporting requirements of CRS/DAC and highlights the differences that apply under the other two regimes as well as FATCA. Conducted by an experienced City practitioner, the programme focuses on pragmatic aspects of setting up CRS framework and becoming compliant.    You may be also interested in our FATCA course – register for both and save additional £100! »


Training : UCITS Funds

Date : Mon, 17/10/2016   for 1 Day

Country : UK

City : London

This practical one day course is designed to provide an insight into the area of UCITS, showing how funds may select eligible assets and demonstrate how these instruments may be employed to achieve different investment objectives. »

Regulations & Operational Compliance for Funds

Training : Regulations & Operational Compliance for Funds

Date : Tue, 18/10/2016   for 1 Day

Country : UK

City : London

This practical one day workshop conducted by a fund management veteran will equip you with the most up-to-date knowledge about the latest regulation requirements which apply to the operations of authorised funds. You will have a chance to explore the impact of MiFID 2, AIFMD, the latest developments in UCITS Funds as well as the key regulations in the FCA COLL sourcebook and RDR. »


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