Architas BirthStar Target Date Funds added to featured fund range on YourWealth

Architas BirthStar’s Target Date Funds are have been added to YourWealth’s range of featured funds. The funds provide low-cost managed portfolios with a management fee of 0.55 per cent for SIPPs, ISAs and General Investment Accounts.

By offering Architas BirthStar® Target Date Funds, YourWealth continues to make investing easier for individuals looking for more information on a straightforward investment solution.

The fund range is designed to provide an all-in-one investment solution to match investors’ goals. Customers can select from a list of funds to match the target date of their investment goal.
This builds on YourWealth’s promise of making financial planning as simple and straightforward as possible, and is supported by their range of useful planning tools and calculators, videos and insightful information to help investors make and manage their investment plans.
Toby Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, YourWealth, says: “YourWealth aims to make financial planning as simple and straightforward as possible by providing the information on, and access to, the right financial products to help our customers meet their life goals. By offering detailed information on easy-to-use, goal-based funds like the Architas BirthStar® Target Date Fund range, we can give our customers the information they need to make informed decisions about their financial future.”
Tom Cropper, Head of Strategic Partnerships, BirthStar, says: “We are delighted to be working with YourWealth to help inform its customers about straightforward, affordable investment solutions. With so much choice available to individuals, it can be an overwhelming experience determining how best to invest your money in order to achieve your savings goals. By working with YourWealth we hope to enhance its offering by introducing our behaviourally-adapted investment solutions to make investing easier for their customers, as well as more affordable and better value.”