Betashares reports Aussie ETFs hit net record high in March

Aussie ETF firm BetaShares reports that the Australian ETF industry increased 4.8 per cent (or AUD1.26 billion) to hit a new record of AUD27.4 billion in funds under management (FUM) at the end of March.

Approximately 60 per cent of the growth came from new money flows (AUD782 million), with the remaining 40 per cent accounted for by net asset value appreciation.

The Aussie ETF industry also saw substantial trading activity during the month, which led to a new record high in trading volume of AUD2.6 billion.
BetaShares Managing Director, Alex Vynokur, says: “Both the strong inflows coming into ETFs and the strong market performance resulted in a very positive month for the Australian ETF industry.

The highest flows in March were in the Australian equities category, along with good flows into Australian bonds, and virtually no outflows recorded at either a category or sub-category level.

The best performing funds were via European Equities exposures and BetaShares Geared Australian Equity Fund (hedge fund) (ASX: GEAR) at 7.2 per cent and 7.1 per cent, respectively.

 “We see that investors are currently taking advantage of the full spectrum of investment alternatives provided by Australian ETFs, which today provide exposure to all asset classes.

“This wide range of alternatives will continue to drive more inflows and trading activity in the ETF space in the coming months,” Vynokur says.

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