Kuber Ventures adds four funds to its tax-efficient investment platform

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Kuber Ventures has added four Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)/Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) funds to its platform, offering investors access to emerging companies in the technology and media sector.

Kuber says that in addition to the investment benefits of the funds, it is confident investors will benefit from increased diversification possible in a broader investment range.
The firm writes that following the recent changes from the Budget, there will be more competition for investment, and if it is important to get invested in the current tax year, advisers will need to act fast as there will be very real capacity constraints this year. 

This growth of investment opportunities on the Kuber platform is reflective of a broader trend that investors no longer view EIS as a single tax planning product, the firm says. “Rather they are looking for significant investment opportunities from which to build a diversified portfolio that minimises potential risk and maximises potential blended returns.”
The four funds added to the Kuber platform are:

Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS, managed by Enterprise Investment Partners, the fund invests across emerging companies in the life science sector. The fund offers investments in a diversified portfolio of up to ten investee companies that participate in Biopharmaceuticals, Biotechnology or Medical Technology.

Velocity Consumer Technology EIS Fund, managed by Thompson Taraz Managers Ltd, the fund invests in consumer technology companies. The focus on the fund is technology companies that have the potential to deliver capital and jobs creation; in turn, delivering a key resolution of the UK government’s Autumn Budget 2017.

Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 3, managed by Symvan Capital Limited, offers investments in investee companies that will, in most cases, require between GBP100,000 and GBP150,000 in seed and early-stage funding with most of the investee companies being start-ups. 
Atlantic Screen Media EIS, managed by Kin Capital Partners LLP, focuses on three segments: Music Scores for Film and Television, Comic Books and TV series development. The fund offers investments in shares in companies operating predominantly in these segments of the industry.   
The announcement brings the total number of tax efficient funds available on the Kuber platform to 34 comprised of 19 EIS, 10 SEIS, 1 Hybrid and 4 BPR.

Dermot Campbell, CEO at Kuber Ventures, says: “The addition of these four funds is in line with our plan to increase the number of high-quality tax efficient investment funds on our platform. We are doing this to deliver what our users want: access to high-quality investments, and the breadth of industry coverage that allows investors to create effectively diversified EIS portfolios.

“As I have said before, EIS investments have come of age and following the Autumn Budget Investors more than ever should be looking to build a diversified portfolio of attractive EIS investments. Advisers have long diversified equity investments using platforms, enabling the use of multiple investment managers and different asset classes to reduce risk. And as a result of the changes in the Budget advisers can apply the same principles to EIS and SEIS investing.”

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