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Amundi reports positive trend for global ETF flows in January

Global ETF flows continued their positive trend in January 2018 up to +EUR96.6 billion, Amundi writes.

The US market gained most of the inflows, at +EUR78.6 billion, against +EUR13.2 billion for the European market. Equity ETFs maintained their appeal, at +EUR82.8 billion euros worldwide, of which +EUR10.9 billion were in Europe.

The firm writes that the ETF market began 2018 in full swing, with almost EUR100 billion (+EUR96.6 billion) of inflows globally in January. Flows also progressed in Europe, albeit to a lesser extent with +EUR13.2 billion euros over the month.

The US ETF market occupied a large proportion of the  month’s  inflows, at +EUR78.6 billion euros. In terms of asset classes, at both the European and the Global levels, equity ETFs attracted the vast majority of investment volumes, at +EUR10.9 billion and +EUR82.8 billion euros respectively.

In the European market, Sector and Smart Beta ETFs did well among equity products, accumulating EUR4.5 billion of inflows, of which EUR1.2 billion  went into financial ETFs and EUR691 million into multi-factor ETFs, making them leaders in their respective categories, Amundi says.

In geographic terms, investors in the European equity ETF market favoured their own market (+EUR1.2 billion for Eurozone area ETFs and EUR812 million for Europe-wide ETFs), but also diversified their investments in Emerging Markets (+EUR1.7 billion) and Global ETFs (+EUR1.3 billion). This came at the expense of North America (+EUR507 million). In contrast, investors in the US ETF market further strengthened their positions in North American ETFs at +EUR36.2 billion.

Inflows into Fixed Income ETFs by international investors amounted to EUR10.8 billion, of which EUR1.6 billion were in Europe and EUR9 billion in the United States. Corporate bonds suffered significant redemptions: -EUR42 million euros were withdrawn from the European market and -EUR1.8 billion from the US market.

In the European market, some Fixed Income segments continued to attract capital in January. This was the case of Emerging Market Debt (+EUR965 million), US inflation- linked index bonds (+EUR754 million).

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