Pace of digital change is uniting wealth services, says Objectway

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The pace of digital change associated with wealth management services is contributing heavily to global harmonisation of financial services.

Objectway, a supplier of digital solutions in the global wealth management industry, is to highlight this and other impacts of the latest fintech developments at its OWIN18 conference in Rome on 7 March.
Whilst there will still be country differences associated with regulation, taxation, and appetites for investor risk, the digital solutions being adopted by the major players throughout the world are driving universal enhancements in customer relationships, experiences, awareness, involvement and security.
The company will highlight technology solutions that are enabling early adopters to overcome revenue challenges associated with the burden of increased regulation, new competitors and margin pressures whilst significantly enhancing client servicing capabilities.
Objectway believes that digital solutions will be at the core of increasing the propensity for populations to confidently save and invest throughout the world.
Luigi Marciano, Founder and CEO of Objectway, who will host over 150 international delegates at the conference including IDC, Compeer, BNY Mellon – Pershing and KBC, says: “I look forward to welcoming many professionals from around the world to showcase and debate the future role of digital financial solutions in the wealth management industry.
“We take great pride in Objectway in continually setting new standards in service and product developments to enhance the propositions of our customers and ultimately the client experiences they are able to deliver.
“There is little doubt in my mind that digital is the key to encourage future generations that saving, and investing is simple, exciting and worthwhile.
“The real beauty of the digital age is quick adoption in offices around the globe, facilitating new unparalleled levels of customer experiences and in making our wealth providers more profitable and secure.” 
Peter Schramme, Chief Business Development Officer of Objectway, says: “We look forward to presenting and debating with our conference attendees the many new approaches and why we believe Objectway has a high-level canvas for their future road-map considerations.
“These are powerful and exciting times and we are fully committed to being at the forefront of them”.