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Aubrey Capital Management launches bespoke service on Ascentric Platform

Edinburgh’s Aubrey Capital Management, a boutique founded by Andrew Dalrymple, Barry McCorkell and Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn, has launched a bespoke discretionary fund management service (DFM) in partnership with Ascentric, the Bath-based platform provider.

The new proposition will sit alongside Aubrey’s direct Discretionary Fund Management offering and its Model Portfolio Service which was launched last year.
It will allow IFAs to offer their clients a fully tailored investment solution, whilst remaining at the centre of the relationship via Ascentric’s platform. 
The minimum investment will be GBP250,000, as opposed to Aubrey’s GBP500,000 minimum for non-platform business.
Chris Sutton, Investment Director for private clients, says: “This expansion will allow advisers to access a tailored or specific investment strategy for part or all of a client’s platform assets while retaining the benefits, reporting options and client control that Ascentric provides.”    
Aubrey says the bespoke service will expand on the same building blocks as the Model Portfolio Service (MPS) by using high active share funds, lower cost passives for exposure to assets and markets Aubrey believes to be relatively efficient and harder for active managers to outperform after charges; and factor or smart beta investments that combine elements of both passive and active management.
“The bespoke option will also potentially allow the use of a wider set of asset types including, for instance, UK listed shares where these are deemed by the adviser to be appropriate for the client’s strategy or where such investments are already held and an adviser is looking for a platform route via which these can be managed, again either as part of a longer term strategy or where these are being sold down over time, within, for example, CGT constraints,” says Sutton.
Aubrey manages equity funds and institutional mandates in global, pan European and emerging markets equities, and its adviser services benefit from that in-house expertise.
The expected management fee for the new service will be 1 per cent pa, inclusive of Ascentric’s charge.
Justin Blower, Head of Sales at Ascentric, says: “By choosing to use our unique bespoke-DFM-on-platform capability, Aubrey Capital Management are allowing advisers and their clients to gain access to their best thinking, along with all the benefits our platform offers.
“With a number of major structural changes in the industry in recent years such as pension freedoms and MiFID II, advisers’ investment propositions have never been more important. We are firm believers in allowing advisers to manage client money in the way they want, rather than a platform being a limiting factor on their investment proposition and facilitating bespoke DFM on platform shouldn’t be an exception to this.”

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