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Goldman Sachs alumnus launches EPIQ Capital Group

Goldman Sachs alumnus and ICONIQ co-founder/partner Chad Boeding has launched EPIQ Capital Group (EPIQ), an exclusive multi-family office providing select ultra-high net worth investors with strategic financial advice and family office services to manage the complexities of life that accompany significant wealth. 

With nearly 20 years of experience advising clients, Boeding uniquely positioned EPIQ to provide families of significant wealth with the direct access to private investments and investing acumen they deserve, as well as an elevated level of integrity and service not found elsewhere in the industry.
EPIQ serves an elite clientele including prominent senior executives, founders, and early employees of high-profile companies who have a net worth in excess of USD100 million. EPIQ also maintains an exclusive partner network that includes investment managers, venture capitalists, private equity firms and corporate executives. Working together with EPIQ's clients and partners – all of whom are leaders in their fields – EPIQ attracts, and performs advanced diligence on, exceptional high-growth direct investment opportunities not available to investors working with other advisors.
EPIQ is committed to its fiduciary role to provide unbiased, expert, advice. EPIQ's launch is directly related to Boeding's intense commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest commonly found at major banks and large advisory firms. EPIQ will never sell proprietary products nor have its own internal funds. Instead, the EPIQ team will customise core asset allocations, curate a steady stream of exceptional direct private investments and source best of breed opportunities offered by third parties.
"Our clients have worked hard to build their businesses and are often surprised how complex their financial, legal, tax, and personal situations become as their wealth increases," says EPIQ founder Chad Boeding. "The EPIQ team manages all of those complexities on their behalf by taking responsibility for partnering – and coordinating – with attorneys, accountants, bankers, and all of the clients' other advisors to expertly manage all aspects of their financial lives." 
EPIQ provides services that go well beyond providing investment advice, helping clients address issues including, but not limited to: buying and selling unique assets, optimising legal structures to minimise taxes and developing trust and estate plans to maximise multi-generational wealth transfers.

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