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Jim Rogers

Veteran investor Jim Rogers launches AI Global Macro ETF of ETFs

Ocean Capital Advisors LLC, in partnership with ETF Managers Group (ETFMG), has launched the Rogers AI Global Macro ETF (NYSE Arca: BIKR), a global macro ETF of ETFs.

BIKR seeks to provide investors with an optimally weighted global portfolio – holding primarily single-country ETFs – based on macroeconomic factors by leveraging the capabilities of AI and the multi-decade expertise of investment biker Jim Rogers (pictured) to find, track and project leading economic indicators.
The firm writes that this is the first passive artificial intelligence backed ETF that uses AI to determine every investment decision and reveal the specific processes behind each decision. 
BIKR’s goal is to achieve long-term capital gain with an emphasis on capital preservation while outperforming recognised global large and mid-cap equity indexes. The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in global equity markets.
“ETFs provide effective building blocks for a top-down approach, as there is an ETF that offers convenient access and enhanced liquidity to almost every emerging country,” says Manuel Fajardo, Chief Investment Officer of Ocean Capital Advisors. “This allows us to focus on the optimally allocated global portfolio through greater insight on macroeconomic indicators by including the unique perspective of Rogers, made evident over his distinguished career, via the use of the artificial intelligence immense processing and analytical ability.”
“The internet and artificial intelligence are changing and have changed everything we know including finance and investing; Ocean’s new ETF is part of the same trend,” says Jim Rogers, who serves as Ocean’s Chairman. “I hope we get it right. We will all be extremely pleased someday if we do.”
The Fund’s investments are expected to consist principally of US listed single-country ETFs. The AI analyses differential periods of volatility seeking indications of a probable shift in market direction. It then calculates the magnitude and probability of this variance utilizing its strategy based upon macroeconomic analysis. The weighting decision, determined by AI, is calculated by the cost of opportunity of exiting the equity position compared to maintaining it, depending on the magnitude of the expected change.
“BIKR: AI meets Jim Rogers, rock star investor,” says Sam Masucci, Founder and CEO of ETFMG. “Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and changing the asset management space, and a product like BIKR satisfies growing investor needs. We continue to meet the demands of an ever-changing investor market, and with the launch of BIKR, ETFMG brings yet another first of its kind ETF product to light.”

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