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ETF providers Global X surveys affluent investors

Earlier this year ETF providers Global X conducted a survey of 1,001 affluent investors to get their perspective on tech and investing today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

Their findings show firstly that those who have a financial adviser are using technology more often in their daily lives than in their portfolios. Additionally, tech use is expected to grow quickly in areas like mobile banking, smart home devices, and smart energy.

Also, affluent investors currently view renewable energy and artificial intelligence as being the tech trends presenting the greatest degree of investment opportunity, followed by Internet of Things and e-commerce.

“Last, retention of affluent clients over the next 12 months is at risk across all levels of net worth we surveyed, but the grand majority of affluent investors will either keep their FA-managed assets at the same percentage or increase that percentage over the next three to five years.”

An opportunity exists to retain current clients as well as to recruit wealthy prospects, Global X says.

The survey, dubbed ‘Disruptive Technologies in Life & Portfolios’, found that among HNW investors, those with an adviser are twice as likely to have their investment decisions influenced by social media, compared to those without (34 per cent to 16 per cent).

Investors with an adviser also reported a much higher likelihood of using mobile apps (51 per cent), social media (47 per cent), and smart home devices (39 per cent) on a weekly basis to stay informed on markets, in particular.

Those investors with an adviser were two and a half times as likely to be the first to use a new technology, compared to their self-directed peers.

Some 80 per cent of HNW investors reported an interest in aligning their investments with their beliefs, compared to 66 per cent of their self-directed peers. 48 per cent of those HNW investors would be willing to pay more in fees for such a portfolio.

Though nine out of 10 affluent investors report using technology frequently, only 73 per cent are invested in the sector.

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