Hilbert Investment Solutions launches Conditional Quarterly Autocall Issue 11

Hilbert Investment Solutions has launched Conditional Quarterly Autocall issue 11, a structured product available to the public which aims to provide investors with a return of 2 per cent per quarter.

‘Conditional Quarterly Autocall Issue 11’ is a dual index product which is linked to the performance of both the FTSE 100 and EUROSTOXX 50 indices. The product is the latest release in Hilbert’s Income Series designed for investors who are looking to boost their income.
The plan has a 10-year investment term and is available through either Direct Investment, ISA Investment or via a client’s self-invested personal pension (SIPP).
Hilbert founder Steve Lamarque says: “Dual-index products such as ‘Conditional Quarterly Autocall issue 11’ are popular in the UK because they can potentially provide investors with a quarterly boost to their income.
“The product has more ‘moving parts’ than a traditional single index issue but is consequently able to provide a higher coupon payment for investors who are willing to take on the additional risk.”