Dunstan Thomas launches Integro CX

Retirement solutions specialist Dunstan Thomas has launched Integro CX as it increases its focus on delivering highly secure and yet flexible, role-based portals and dashboards to wealth managers, providers and platforms alike.

Dunstan Thomas is supporting financial services companies as they begin ‘digitalising’ delivery of regulatory information, valuations, asset holdings, product features and other key data, as well as implementing Straight Through Processes – all designed to increase engagement with their customers.
Integro CX has been built to enhance that engagement by providing a user experience aimed at bringing seemingly dry and complex asset performance and holdings data to life, whilst reducing barriers to transacting all through logical, intuitive and interactive digital journeys using the latest ‘mobile first’ design techniques.
Dunstan Thomas says that web and mobile interfaces created using Integro CX offer the potential to monitor savings progress, make changes, download key reports and even transact – all at the click of a mouse or swipe of the finger on-screen.
Integro CX is designed for integration with existing Imago Illustrations and Administration modules and offers a suite of ready-to-use plug-ins to enable creation of highly functioning, feature and data-rich customer and administrator user experiences.
Dunstan Thomas Integro CX also offers completed plug-ins for integration with third party document storage systems, illustrations engines, pensions policy administration systems, systems for application of product and advice charges; as well as for integration with leading wrap platforms’ administration systems, and authentication including two-way Single Sign On for extra security, and finally third party systems for storage and mapping of asset data for back office analysis or use in customer journeys.
Andrew Martin, Chief Innovations Officer, Dunstan Thomas, says: “Dunstan Thomas recognises that to help wealth managers, providers and platforms on their digital journeys we need to enable them to build and easily maintain fully-integrated customer journeys as well as ensuring regulatory-required reporting documents, updates, warnings and prompts available to pre-authorised individuals at a moment’s notice.”
“Integro CX uses workflow engine technology to dramatically reduce implementation time and cost for any new business process from customer onboarding to asset selection journeys; allowing existing processes to be easily modified to meet new business or regulatory requirements. It also enables easy customisation of layouts, appearance and functionality to meet the needs of specific users.”