Entoro Capital launches Entoro A&D Xpress

Entoro Capital (Entoro) has launched a low cost, performance-based energy asset sales platform for the sale of upstream assets and minerals. 

The new service, Entoro A&D Xpress, will broker energy assets through a global distribution network on Entoro's proprietary securities platform, OfferBoard. A&D Xpress will offer three levels of service with a focus towards negotiated-by-seller transactions for the lowest cost to sellers.

The primary targets for A&D Xpress are A&D projects between USD10-USD100 million and minerals transactions above USD100,000. Depending on the level of service, sellers can select from self-directed to full service.

"In this cost-conscious market, we will offer our distribution channels to sellers that have the ability to technically frame and sell their assets but lack the systems or distribution capabilities to market effectively," says James C Row, Entoro Managing Partner. "We believe this product will be well received in the middle market."

Entoro's distribution channels expand past the traditional energy buyers into new institutions, Family Offices and RIAs around the world. "In a market like A&D a seller wants to have their project seen by the largest buying audience possible," says Christopher George, Entoro Managing Director. "Access to a new pool of capital, such as Family Offices and direct to influential RIAs, is necessary for the liquidity of the Energy industry."  

A&D Xpress will reach an estimated audience of potential buyers that is three times larger than traditional sales efforts. Sellers want to reach buyers that have been overlooked but are interested in energy transactions. Entoro will utilise the OfferBoard platform to connect sellers with traditional and strategic buyers. Entoro has distribution agreements with RIA groups and is the Houston Chapter of Family Office Networks (FON).

A&D Xpress will deploy Lower48 Analytics to offer sellers and buyers a common valuation tool for each listed asset. Lower48 Analytics technology offers an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency coupled with Wall Street-quality financial analytics. 

"Transparency is the key to meaningful liquidity in the upstream market, and Lower48 provides a breakthrough in transparency and accuracy," says Simina Farcasiu, CEO of Lower48 Analytics. "With Lower48, A&D Xpress will enable all buyers and sellers to make informed, real-time purchasing decisions."

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