EQ Investors adds Positive Impact Portfolios to Hubwise & Zurich platforms

Boutique wealth manager EQ Investors (EQ) has made its Positive Impact Portfolios available via two more adviser investment platforms – Hubwise & Zurich.

EQ’s popular Positive Impact Portfolios provide advisers with a proven impact investing strategy for their clients. Launched in 2012, the portfolios have outperformed their benchmark index since inception.
Key features of EQ’s Positive Impact Portfolios include:
• Seven risk rated models;
• Independent research team conducting financial and socially responsible due diligence;
• A range of styles, asset classes and fund management groups;
• Available in ISA, SIPP or GIA accounts;
• Investing only in FCA authorised and recognised funds offering daily liquidity.
Damien Lardoux, Head of Impact Investing at EQ, says: “There is growing investor appetite for an impact investing approach which not only delivers an attractive return but is also committed to making a positive contribution to society or the environment.
“The portfolios have been an enormous success since they were established, in line with growing evidence that companies run in a sustainable and responsible manner generate superior returns.”
The EQ Positive Impact Portfolios are also available via the following adviser platforms: Alliance Trust Savings, Aviva, Novia, Novia Global (offshore), Nucleus, Parmenion, 7IM, Standard Life and Transact.