RWC Partners renames Defensive Convertibles Fund

RWC Partners has renamed its Defensive Convertibles Fund to the RWC Sustainable Convertibles Fund to reflect its quality focus and ESG awareness.

The change will take effect from 30 October 2019.
The RWC Convertibles Fund , which is co-managed by Davide Basile, Head of Convertibles at RWC and Justin Craib-Cox, CFA, aims to provide investors with a low-volatility solution which, while participating in equity market upside, also provides capital preservation.
The unconstrained fund is not benchmarked to an index, allowing Basile and Craib-Cox to run a conviction portfolio focused on bottom-up fundamentals.
The portfolio integrates the team’s ESG process and policy to inform managers about the fundamental characteristics of the issuers. This helps avoid controversial companies and companies potentially at risk from ESG failings, identify global issuers who are improving their own standards and show where ESG awareness could be a catalyst for future performance.
Craib-Cox, CFA, says: With more than USD15 trillion in government bonds now trading with negative yields and credit spreads at historically tight levels, we believe the time is now for a long-term quality bias approach which provides risk-conscious investors an avenue of opportunity without the need to add material risks.
“This name change for our fund reflects our increased focus on the integration and awareness of ESG analysis, and the fundamental role this can play in identifying both opportunities and potential long-term risks. This focus, combined with the team’s broad knowledge of convertible bonds and our fixation on quality bonds, allows us to build positions for clients that are controlled for risk but are still return-seeking. We think this will be an attractive combination for the future.”