Brooks Macdonald lowers ongoing charges for Platform Managed Portfolio Services

Brooks Macdonald has set a reduced target OCF (ongoing charges) for its Platform Managed Portfolio Service (PMPS) of 1 per cent for active portfolios and 0.5 per cent for passive portfolios, inclusive of Brooks Macdonald’s fees and underlying fund charges.

As part of this offering, clients will also benefit from a lower headline fee rate of 0.25 per cent for active, and 0.20 per cent for passive, making the management fee and total fee amongst the most competitive for platform portfolios.
Co-Head of UK Investment Management Robin Eggar, says: “Advisers are faced with the dilemma of providing a high-quality investment solution to their full range of clients whilst being mindful of the impact fees can have on client returns. By targeting a  lower OCF for our Platform Managed Portfolio Service, we are providing an offering to advisers to deliver for their clients in a way that aims to ensure the total cost to the end client remains competitive.”
Richard Spencer, Chief Investment Officer, says: “In 2018, we launched our Responsible Investment Service to demonstrate that we did not need to compromise on our proven investment process to further our clients’ sustainability objectives. Today, we are maintaining that refusal to compromise but delivering value driven solutions for advisers and clients with the launch of our cost targeted portfolios on Platform MPS.”

Since 2012, Brooks Macdonald PMPS strategies have been launched across 14 platforms. Brooks Macdonald will continue to extend platform availability to meet the needs of advisers and their clients.