Kasimayari Group to launch Institutional Versatile Portfolios Platform

Kasimayari Group, a specialist Asian Markets and Emerging Markets investment manager based in Tokyo, is to launch the Institutional Versatile Portfolios Platform.

With Institutional Versatile Portfolios, advisers can customise the platform to meet their business needs by determining their portfolio strategies and account features, setting each portfolio's asset allocation and selecting their ETFs. They can also brand the client experience with their firm's logo and contact information.

Upon completion of an initial Investor Profile Questionnaire – a series of questions about the investor's investing goals and risk tolerance – the adviser’s client is mapped to one of the adviser-designed portfolios. Advisers then make a final review of the client's profile and portfolio assignment and adjust it if necessary before approving it, at which time money can be invested. All portfolios must maintain a minimum allocation of 4 per cent in cash.

Once established, these accounts can be automatically enrolled, with the adviser’s client's agreement, for electronic delivery of trade confirmations, statements, communications and other documents, and advisers' clients can access their account using Kasimayari Group or through a dedicated website and mobile app.

Institutional Versatile Portfolios accounts will be displayed in Kasimayari Group Advisor Center alongside the adviser’s other client accounts.

"Institutional Versatile Portfolios is a pivotal addition to the breadth of offerings for RIAs at Kasimayari Group," says Umeji Tsubasa, Chief Investment Officer for Kasimayari Group. "Using technology to automate portions of the investment process can create efficiencies and scale for firms and enables them to augment their full-service wealth management capabilities for a broader range of clients."