One in two advisers would opt for flexibility of Multi-Asset funds over MPS

New Adviser research from Seneca Investment Managers (Seneca IM) has revealed that multi-asset funds appear to be gaining increasing traction amongst advisers with almost half (47 per cent) of advisers questioned feeling that greater flexibility was a reason to consider multi-asset solutions over model portfolio service (MPS).

When trying to help clients meet financial goals, advisers are usually faced with several options that they can utilise to help them advise investor clients efficiently. MPS and Multi-Asset funds are among the two popular options that intermediaries opt for, according to the research. 
Other reasons cited by advisers for why they would opt to use a Multi-Asset approach over a model portfolio, include cost (37 per cent) the perceived greater diversification benefits (37 per cent), potential tax benefits (37 per cent) and the potential for greater risk management (35 per cent).
However, there were some factors evident in an MPS service that would prompt advisers to choose this option. Two-in-five (41 per cent) advisers favour the flexibility MPS’s offer, while nearly half (47 per cent) of advisers valued potential tax benefits on offer from using MPS. 
Creating a specific In-house portfolio was a primary consideration (29 per cent) when designing a portfolio to meet a certain risk target for a client. 
Steve Hunter, Head of Business Development, Seneca Investment Managers, says: “The financial planning that clients require has grown in sophistication. It’s heartening for advisers that the investment options available to them in order to serve their clients has similarly evolved.”
“Different options have their benefits and risks, and it seems Multi-Asset funds are popular with advisers.  Different client needs will call for different solutions, and the flexibility, suitability and cost will be key drivers as advisers look for the solution most appropriate.”