Scope launches ‘one-click’ investment fund checking and comparison service

Rating agency Scope has launched ScopeExplorer, a new fund platform that lets investors and advisors check the quality of investment funds and compare them with the best in their peer group – all at a touch of a button.

The platform’s website,, currently provides investors and advisors with free access to valuations and rankings for over 6,000 investment funds authorised for distributing in Germany. For the first time, investors can see their funds’ rating and ranking and view other top products in the respective category.

ScopeExplorer is Scope’s response to changing investor habits as people increasingly do their own research online to find which funds they want to invest in (see a recently published survey by market research institute YouGov). At the same time, people are becoming more demanding about the information they need to make investment decisions, including clearly presented fund ratings which are easy to understand.

“One of our key objectives when developing ScopeExplorer was to reduce complexity,” says Said Yakhloufi, managing director of Scope Analysis. “We are offering private investors the simplest possible way to check, compare and rank investment funds.”

“We also want to use the transparency created by ScopeExplorer so that those fund managers who are delivering above-average results really stand out for investors,“ says Yakhloufi. At present, only around one-third of the rated funds have a top rating.

On ScopeExplorer, funds are assessed and ranked using Scope’s well-established rating-agency methodology which has a track record of more than 20 years. The ratings always reflect the most relevant yield and risk profile for each fund. Funds with a top rating generally have a substantially better risk/return profile and outperform the market more often than funds without a top rating.

ScopeExplorer also offers investors and fund selectors access to:

• the complete Scope funds database,
• extensive search functions and long-term time series,
• Scope’s list of recommended funds,
• Scope’s sustainability (ESG) analysis for individual funds.