Praemium launches paperless applications and digital signatures  

Investment platform Praemium has introduced paperless applications and digital acceptance on its integrated Managed Accounts platform.

With paperless applications, clients of advisors can now sign documents instantly electronically. Advisers invite clients to accept the application form online, with progress tracked via a dashboard and email notifications. The new process uses international, standards-based technology that time stamps and encrypts the acceptance and ensures the experience is not only efficient but also secure.  

Praemium designed the feature to respond to increasing expectations of investors and clients for online services and time-saving digital options. The move is part of a larger commitment to allow advisers to spend more time forging stronger relationships with their clients.  

Manual signatures – or a combination of digital and manual signatures –  are still available to clients who prefer to sign physically.  

Michael Ohanessian, CEO of Praemium, says: “Praemium’s digital acceptance capability transforms the adviser journey. The new technology cuts down on administration, allowing advisors to reallocate their time into forming a more meaningful relationship with clients. As regulation becomes ever tighter, it also creates transparency and certainty for all groups involved in transactions”.

The Praemium integrated Management Account platform, which includes Separately Managed Accounts and Individually Managed Accounts, allows advisers increased efficiency through market-leading reporting and performance analytics, adopting this innovation speeds up the application and on-boarding process for advisers and their clients, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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