VitalityInvest launches new Global Multi-Manager fund range with SEI

VitalityInvest has unveiled multiple enhancements to its investment offering, including five new actively-managed funds created in partnership with SEI (NASDAQ: SEI), a global provider of investment solutions.

In addition, the company has appointed number of new partners to its Vitality Programme, which is now offered free to all VitalityInvest members, and brings together transactional and fund solutions with unique benefits that encourage positive lifestyle behaviour across both finances and health.

The new Global Multi-Manager funds are available exclusively through VitalityInvest’s ISA, Junior ISA and Retirement Plan and will sit alongside their existing fund range. They use SEI’s institutional expertise to bring an innovative solution to clients’ portfolios at a competitive price. The funds are based on SEI’s investment philosophy of building portfolios by accessing the diverse skills of some of the world’s best fund managers.
The new fund range will enable advisers to offer their clients:

• Access to best-in-class investment managers globally, including institutional managers and boutique firms not commonly available to retail investors

• Funds comprising over 70 investment strategies, each a customised mandate carefully allocated to a manager with the right skill set and built into an optimised portfolio

• A specialist approach to active management using uncorrelated sources of returns across sectors, securities, managers and styles

• Real-time risk management, combining proprietary and third-party tools with the transparency of investment mandates, enabling portfolio monitoring at all levels

• Value through institutional buying power, ensuring competitive pricing with a single all-in fund charge, allowing Vitality to pass savings onto advisers and their clients
Unlike some managed portfolio solutions and discretionary fund managers, the Global Multi-Manager funds do not layer additional management charges, and the fund charge is unaffected by shifts in underlying holdings.

Justin Taurog, Managing Director of VitalityInvest, says: “The way clients are preparing for later life, and their expectations for the sort of lifestyle they want to live when they retire, are dramatically different to that of only 10 years ago. It’s never been more important to save earlier and to take steps that will help you live longer in good health, and the range of initiatives launched today aim to support people to do just that.

“As part of today’s announcement we are delighted to be partnering with respected experts in the investment space, SEI. The proposition we are able to offer together will help maximise risk adjusted returns for our clients and help them prepare for a healthy retirement.”

Kevin Barr, Head of SEI’s Asset Management Distribution team, adds: “Vitality shares our commitment to developing solutions based on clients’ needs. This relationship gives VitalityInvest investors access to SEI’s specialised team of 115 investment professionals, who have decades of experience in building manager-of-manager funds across asset classes, investment styles and geographies.”